reDefine Show with Erik Valind: How to Succeed in Commercial Photography

Join Tamara on the reDefine Show as she speaks with commercial photographer Erik Valind about how he achieved success in commercial photography.

Erik started out pursuing a business degree and doing photography on the side to get a good basis for business. He photographed all different types of things including his friends surfing and subjects he was very familiar with, which gave him an edge to know when the best shots were about to happen. After photographing a wide variety of subjects and events, he began to narrow down his favorite type of photography, which was commercial photography with an active fitness component.









Erik talks about how photographing what you love will shine through with the work you do. And being familiar with and having an understanding of your subject will help the flow of the shoot and produce better photographs.

In the interview, Erik also goes over how his sales training helped him understand the value of persistence in reaching out to potential clients. Posting your work everywhere and being persistent with reaching out to companies and clients is the key to getting your work seen and being remembered by clients for future projects.

Check out Part 1 of the interview for more details on how Erik Valind found his photography niche and started building his business-

In Part 2 of Tamara Lackey’s interview with Erik Valind, he gives a detailed example of a full-service commercial photography project. He describes how he created a full digital image library for Etsy Studio, including stop motion video.

Check out more about his Etsy Studio commercial photography project and more ways to learn from Erik Valind in Part 2 below!


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