reDefine Episodes with the Scobeys, Jeff Rojas, and Kenna Klosterman

Tamara Lackey’s reDefine Episodes with Ashley & Graham Scobey, Jeff Rojas, and Kenna Klosterman

Here’s another round of talented creative photographers as part of the reDefine Show, produced in conjunction with Adorama, and featured on AdoramaTV.

Work-Life Balance with Ashley and Graham Scobey

In this episode, Tamara Lackey interviews Ashley and Graham Scobey as they share how they managed to get their wedding photography business off the ground while managing their work-life balance as a married couple working together.



New York City Portrait and Fashion Photographer, Jeff Rojas

In this episode, Tamara Lackey interviews NYC portrait and fashion photographer Jeff Rojas. Jeff shares why he decided to focus on photographing men and discusses how to shoot around people’s self-perceived flaws.





Travel Photographer and lead host of CreativeLive, Kenna Klosterman

Want to get the highlights from over 500 CreativeLive classes? Lead host Kenna Klosterman has quite actively participated in ALL of them, easily more than anyone else on the planet, and she shares the greatest things she’s learned in this awesome two-part reDefine show.

In part one, Kenna talks about how her role has evolved from host to guiding creatives and shares her passion for shooting and leading tours throughout Cuba.

In part two, the question: What are the key takeaways, what have you learned the most from all of this? Kenna emphasizes that success is in the doing – just go out and do it! She discusses transformative learning and some of the themes that come through include; fear of failure, failing with purpose, defining your own definition for success, the power of collaboration and tactics to learning.






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