Rangefinder’s October Issue & Platform at WPPI!

I just received the October issue of Rangefinder Magazine, and I love the layout of my follow-up article about the general election! This is not a re-post, by the way – the last time I put up an article, a few posts ago, it was September. This time it’s October. See: totally different months. I do think it’s so interesting how life can just open to what we are seeking. I remember being struck by how cool it was to be showcased in last November’s issue. Less than one year later, I’ve had now had four articles in this stand-out magazine for professional photographers, a publication that I truly admire (probably because I really admire a lot of professional photographers!). But I feel quite humbled about it, nonetheless. As requested last time, I am posting all the pages of the article for easier reading. Who knew so many people would genuinely be interested in the actual writing? 🙂 In this piece, I chose to write about something that had fascinated me throughout the process of covering this campaign: how people seemed to care a great deal about the fact that they were not going to care about this election or even politics in general – and what an amazing peek into that mentality we get as photographers…

Also!!! I’m very excited about The WPPI Convention in 2009 – taking place February 14th-19th in Las Vegas. Last year, there were 11,000 attendees, so not a very small gathering! I will be delivering a Platform Speech, and I’m seriously all ready to go. I keep walking around my studio looking for the podium but, alas, we don’t have one. And, worse, every time I erupt into my soliloquy of knowledge, my associates edge away from me. Very carefully. Hmmm. So – I was about to write that I am pretty thrilled about this relatively exclusive opportunity but then I uploaded the image below that shows how I am a spec in a sea of amazing faces, so I might have to re-phrase that a bit 🙂 🙂 Bottom line – I’m really looking forward to this!! (And a huge thank you to Simply Canvas and Buckeye Color Lab for sponsoring me time and again!)

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