Rangefinder Magazine, September 2008

I am so excited about the new article I wrote for Rangefinder Magazine, “World Changers”, actually developed from a section I created on this site (under “the display case” header) about some amazingly exceptional people I have had the honor of photographing. I have received some feedback in the past after posting a smaller version of the article about my photography in last November’s issue that it was too small to read. And apparently just posting a link to the pdf was simply to arduous a process for others who didn’t want to click through (I’m talking to you, mom!) with this past June’s piece. So I’m posting the full pages here. If you haven’t already read their stories, grab a beverage and take a few minutes to do so. It’s not a long piece. These people just raise the bar in terms of inspirational living. By the way, Charlie Engle, the first person profiled in the article, is currently running across America. He started on September 13th, after spending some amazing time with us in at the Exploring Love Retreat. He is having an incredible intense experience – you can follow along by reading his heartfelt posts here. Please send him some love!! Regardless of how this intense, exhausting quest finally does finish, those comments are really helping him out there.

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