Pigs As Pets – Chasing Frames

On this episode of The Chasing Frames Show, we get a chance to spend time with some VERY smart, sweet and affectionate beings: Pigs!!!

There has been an extraordinary rise in the popularity of “tea cup pigs” and “mini pigs”. It is a false label created to market pet pigs.

As a result, it has also led to a MASSIVE increase in abandoned full-grown pigs.

We learned from people whose lives are focused on rescuing these abandoned animals. We also visited a couple of lucky ones who are now peacefully living in their very own home.

Pigs as pets
Photograph by Tamara Lackey

You can see this episode broadcast on PBS / UNC-TV Public Media NC Thursday night at 8:50pm. And definitely check out our show website at

On our website, you can learn more about the photography techniques & gear used on the show via our Deep Dive Episode. As well as some inspiring ideas of what to do with your photographs AFTER you take your shot, via our Deep Dive episode on how you can finalize your images to best effect!

Thank you so much to The Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary for their amazing efforts. While we visited there, we got to meet a lot more animals than just pigs – that included sheep, chickens, peacocks, horses, goats and…my favorite…DONKEYS!

Photograph by Tamara Lackey

Thank you Rhesa Versola, Kim Williams Pollard, Miriam MJ Beckman and Donnie Bittinger for all your hard work on this show!

Pigs as Pets
Photograph by Tamara Lackey

And, above all, we are so grateful to Nikon and On1 for their wonderful support of The Chasing Frames Show! It makes such a difference to work with companies who care about supporting those doing GOOD in the world. Something we all here at the show care very much about – thank you.

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