Photographing Pigs as Pets: The reDefine Show – Animal Edition! With Tamara Lackey

Photographing Pigs as Pets With Tamara Lackey

In this episode of reDefine Show – Animal Edition!, Tamara Lackey is photographing pigs as pets inside the home of a veterinarian who specializes in pot-bellied pigs. Tamara learns about how pigs are adopted as cute pets, but later, as they outgrow their space inside a home, the pigs are dropped off at shelters or simply let go.

For some ridiculous reason I simply cannot fathom, my husband doesn’t want us to have a couple of pet pigs live in our home with us. But, at least I had an awesome time photographing THESE two rescue pets in THEIR home:

While feeding them oatmeal cookies and petting them, I share photography tips on finding great angles while, most importantly, getting those *perfect booty shots*. Check it out live on Adorama TV now:

All images shot with Nikon D5 & 24-70 f/2.8.

Tamara shows her excitement for photographing pigs as pets

Use architecture to help you compose an impactful imageDon't forget about detail shots to round out your photo story Always look for different angles for great compositions Use treats to get your subject to cooperate Change your angle for an optimal composition Tamara gets up close and personal with a pet pig

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