Photographing Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama spoke to the largest crowd that’s turned out yet to meet her when she visited Raleigh. Nearly 6,000 people filled the Reynolds Coliseum at NC State to hear Senator Obama’s wife talk about her thoughts on him as a person and as the possible next President of the United States. It was a highly-charged crowd that gathered, and she did not disappoint with her message of hope, realism, and who people are “when nobody’s looking”. I’d like to say thanks to John & Clay for helping to set up the access – looking forward to the next event in the works 🙂 And another thanks to Jake, press coordinator on the ground, for a few extra loops through the buffer, which gave me the opportunity to shoot some more telling closeups of such a dynamic and intelligent speaker!

Michelle is as expressive as she is impassioned – I just had to put a little compilation together…

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