Photo Plus 2010 in NYC

I am in New York for PDN’s PhotoPlus 2010, an International Conference & Expo at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, ready to present my program on Friday, October 29th at 1:15pm. A big thank you to AsukaBook, Kubota Image Tools and Simply Canvas & Color Lab for sponsoring my talk. Prior to my seminar, I’ll be spending some time on the trade show floor – presenting a live Q&A with Mr. Photofocus himself, Scott Bourne, at Adorama’s fabulous booth (#723) on Thursday, October 28th at 11am. Sidenote – even if you’re can’t swing by to say hi while I’m there, definitely check out Adorama’s show specials. They’re going to have some terrific deals on all things photography, they really know the stuff they’re selling, and they’re nice people. I’ll also be giving a presentation at the Kubota Image Tools booth (#934) on Thursday at 12:30pm. I’ll be showing some of the work from the Tamara Lackey Style Book and mostly hoping to get a glimpse of the Kubota Super Action Hero all dressed up in cape and tights, like last time. The team tells me it’s not actually Kevin Kubota, but I’ve never seen them stand together in the same place before, so I dunno. And, just because it’s a rainy day in late October in New York, a warm photo. I love his expression, how she holds him, the wind in her hair, and his tiny little ear up against her cheek ..

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