Photo Albums: Webinar with Tamara Lackey and Fundy

Lush Photo Albums: Webinar with Tamara Lackey and Fundy

We launched Lush Albums rather recently (to plenty of in-studio cheers!) and have had a number of great conversations with photographers by phone, email, on facebook and in person since then. The good news is that we are hearing wonderful feedback – so grateful for that! The follow-up news is that we’ve heard multiple requests for us to show exactly how fast and easy it is to design and order your Lush Photo Album. Although we have some great walkthroughs of how to get started, I know that it’s still nice to see it all done in front of you and ask any questions you have right then and there. So we are hosting a webinar, and you can register here! Here are all the details for our webinar on how to quickly design these gorgeous fine art photo albums, taking place on June 2nd at 10am PST / 1pm EST:    

Lush Albums, photo albums, Tamara Lackey, Natalie norton

Guest Designed by Natalie Norton!

  Photo Albums by Lush Albums   Photo Albums, Lush Albums, Tamara Lackey, Fundy   Join me and Fundy, the CEO of Fundy Designer, as we walk through just how easy and fun it is to design your Lush Album. We’ll showcase a variety of photo album styles inside and out, and we’ll answer any and all questions you may have, including how to add fun accessories, like your custom, handsewn Lush Bag. Just register for free here, to ensure your spot. Lush Albums Custom Bags, Photo Albums, Lush Albums, Fundy Software, Finao, Beautiful Together, Tamara Lackey, Fundy, Finao If you don’t want to wait until June 2nd, you can always visit our Video Tutorials page to find out more information right now about building your own fine art photo albums within minutes. See you on June 2nd!

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