our friend ali & shriner’s hospital

My daughter & I head out to Shriner’s Hospital for Children in St. Louis every year. I’m always so impressed with the medical work they do there and how much of the organization’s focus is to simply do good for others. It’s a boring plane ride, so we had a bit of fun with music and a point & shoot…

Every time we go, we get to meet some amazing people. Many are overcoming obstacles more difficult than many of us ever have to consider in our day-to-day lives. Sophie’s roommate this year was Ali. She and Sophie shared a passion for singing and meandered the halls singing Hannah Montana in harmony. Nearly the entire week. Seriously. Ali is actually a celebrity in her own right, scoring two free passes & a limo ride to the Hannah Montana concert, by being receiving over 30,000 votes by those who checked out her adorable audition…(you may have to wait through a brief commercial first, but her sweet voice is worth the few seconds!)

I know I would’ve voted for you if I lived in Detroit, Ali!! Sophie misses you so much. Keep on singing 🙂 🙂 🙂

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