old friends

Moira is one of my oldest friends. Our friendship goes back to Kindergarten when she brought in a pair of the coolest pink, splatter-painted crutches for show-and-tell. As the years flew by we stayed close friends, and a photo session with Moira’s family was one of my first sessions. When Moira called me to see if I would do a another photo session with her sister, Courtney, her brother, Connor, and her over Thanksgiving, I was thrilled. They wanted to surprise their parents with framed pieces for Christmas. I looked forward to the session for weeks, and when the day arrived, we had a delightful session inspired by Anthropologie and fall light.

First I would like to introduce you to Moira. Isn’t she stunning?

Thank you, Courtney, Connor, and Moira for thinking of me, trusting my ideas, and for bringing such beauty to the session. I hope your parents love their gifts.

Merry Christmas!

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