o, such beauty

I just had to share this photograph of Ana Elisa, all dressed up in her brand new Christmas dress, a gift from her grandparents (all four of whom she had the pleasure to meet just last week). Oh – and when I say her transition has been amazing? What I mean is that the girl is kind of astounding. What a natural princessa. She looks beautiful in everything, but she just loved doing the totally dressed up thing. The perfect outfit could only be completed with two key accessories: her stuffed pet llama and nothing less than the best of body art, a hand-drawn tattoo from her big sister. Penned with love. And, is it just me, or is this one seriously beautiful child? Not just her gorgeous face and hair and eyes and perfect little hands and knees and feet and toes. Not only her easy and long-lasting smiles. Not even just her silly faces, vast expressiveness and quick mind. But, truly, her tremendous spirit. I am so proud of the child she is, who she has always been. Yes, we can all get frustrated. Tired. Upset. Discouraged. Angry. Disappointed. All of that. Sometimes all of that, all at once. There are times in this life when the future can look downright dim … no matter how hard we squint. But what we can all overcome, at any age? From any distance? It’s almost too good to be true. And, still, some choose not to believe it. And, maybe, never will. But, you and me and everyone else we happen to love? The all of us? The truth about us is quite a beautiful thing. Because the truth about us is that we can always get from here to there. Always. Sometimes it’s just a matter of recognizing our own limitlessness.

I sincerely wish all of you a 2009 full of nothing but open-ended possibility, wonder and such beauty. And, of course, always … that great love 🙂

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