Nikon’s Mom’s Night Out in Orlando, Florida

Mom’s Night Out – Taking Better Photographs

Nikon’s famed Nikon School is bringing their very cool Mom’s Night Out program to Orlando, Florida. Specifically, it will be Thursday, November 20th, 2014  – if you happen to be in the region and checking your calendar! This unique program is intended for moms on the go who are interested in taking better photographs, as well as family historians, scrapbookers – really anyone who loves photography and could use a night out to soak up some easily-digestable information on how to take better photographs. That being said, every single time we’ve done this, there have been a number of very interested fathers/male humans there, too – so, please note, all are invited! I have been lucky enough to be the guest instructor for Nikon’s Mom’s Night Out programs in Virginia, North Carolina and New York already. Each time, we’ve had a great turnout, as well as a truly good time with warm beverages, lots of great questions, and some very friendly faces. You can check out Nikon’s website for a full, detailed description of the Mom’s Night Out program – all the specific details are here, as is the all-important link to actually register for the event.   Nikon School, mom's night out, Tamara Lackey This upcoming Mom’s Night Out is on November 20th will be at the Doubletree by Hilton in Orlando, and it will be a fun, instructional presentation about better understanding the camera’s capabilities and, thus, using more of one’s camera to shoot better. Specific topics will including handling, lighting, composition, action shooting, and video – plus we’ll also do some walkthroughs on how to use cameras to post directly to social media without needing to download photographs first. There’s also plenty of time for questions and answers related to how to simply take better pictures, and this is also a rare opportunity to speak with Nikon Product Experts about everything camera and lens-related – truly a fantastic chance to get all those gear-related questions answered. One of my favorite parts of the event, other than the conversations, is that Nikon brings out so much of their gear and lenses to the program. I’ve been able to enjoy trying out a few pieces of gear I’d been hoping to play with for a while, on stage and off stage. Also, please note, you don’t need to shoot with Nikon cameras to attend – in keeping with the tone of my post about moving from Canon to Nikon, there is no snubbing of any kind for various gear owners when it comes to this event. All are welcome : ) Hope to see you there – on your own or with a friend – just register via this link to be a part of the festivities!   Tamara Lackey, Nikon School, Nikon Mom's Night Out, Nikon D7100      

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