Nikon Takeover! (Well, my takeover of Nikon Twitter, at least ; )

Nikon Takeover

Since becoming a Nikon USA Ambassador, I’ve had the good fortune to do some very cool new things – but getting to do a Nikon Takeover is definitely one of the coolest of the cooler new things yet. What does a Nikon takeover involve?  Well, if you have ANY questions about cameras, lenses, gear, portraits, lighting, shooting, or anything photography-related, I’ll be taking over the Nikon twitter account to answer A LOT, LOT. Feel free to tweet any questions using the hashtag #NikonChat between now and tomorrow, and I’ll be abandoning my twitter account to post from the NikonUSA twitter account Tuesday, June 24th, from 2pm – 3pm EST. Anything you tweet in advance of our start time, with hashtag #NikonChat, will be collected by Nikon, and sorted, so that we can knock out as many answers as possible (as smoothly as possible).  My goal during the Nikon takeover is to get through ALL of them, so definitely join in!   Nikon Takeover, Tamara Lackey, Twitter, Nikon Ambassador

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