NEW Rangefinder Magazine Redefined Column

Rangefinder Magazine Redefined Column – and a Q&A Session

  rangefinder-Magazine-January-2016-Cover-Tamara-Lackey-Photography It is quite cool to be showcased in the brand new January, 2016 issue of Rangefinder Magazine – for a couple of reasons. First of all, because it’s a more personal interview, in general, and it was conducted by Rangefinder’s talented Editor-in-Chief Jacqueline Tobin. But also because, starting in February, I will actually be the one writing this column! The essence of this Redefined column is in keeping with the focus of my web series, The reDefine Show, which has been airing on AdoramaTV for the last four years. I am looking forward to getting to know even more leaders across the imaging industry and sharing with you more of not only who they are, but how they think and the moments that defined – and reDefined – their life and work. After all my conversations with individuals at the top of their creative field over the last few years, I’ve seen certain themes rise again and again, ones that make sense and ones that have surprise me. I look forward to sharing them in print. I kick off this year of columns by interviewing my friend, fellow Nikon Ambassador, and photography luminary Joe McNally. He shares some touching personal moments and doesn’t hold back when opening up about exactly how challenging it was for him to maintain a career in photography, which is all the more striking given his legendary role in the industry today. For this first edition, however, I enjoyed being the one being interviewed. The questions I received focused on the areas of my life I care about most:

  • My work and how I integrate it into the rest of my life/what I consider “success”
  • My focus on Beautiful Together and how that reflects back on my photography
  • My enthusiasm for veganism – and why I moved towards this lifestyle
  • And more: what I do for fun, my last meal, and what else I’d do if I didn’t do what I do, which apparently I’m already doing. (Read that three times).

rangefinder-Depth-of-Field-Tamara-Lackey-1 rangefinder-Depth-of-Field-Tamara-Lackey-2 rangefinder-Depth-of-Field-Tamara-Lackey-3

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  1. Lucas says:

    Wonderful work Tamara, looking forward to the interviews of some great wedding photographers

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