New Photography Studio in Chapel Hill, NC

Photography Studio in Chapel Hill, NC for Tamara Lackey Photography

Our new photography studio! tamara-lackey-new-studio-space-2_WEB

I am VERY excited to share this update about our brand new studio space in Chapel Hill, which is finally coming together!!

It took about seven months to design, draw, re-draw, and architect this new space out. A few months of working remotely, and quite a number of permits and inspections, but we are nearly there! We wanted a great combination of open flex workspace, a private photography shooting area/conference room with natural light, a few small private offices, several open gallery walls, a kitchenette, good hidden storage, and lots of light, glass and wood.

tamara-lackey-new-studio-space-3_WEB tamara-lackey-new-studio-space-4_WEB tamara-lackey-new-studio-space-5_WEB tamara-lackey-new-studio-space-6_WEBtamara-lackey-new-studio-space-9_WEBtamara-lackey-new-studio-space-10_WEB

We moved out of our former space back in May, thinking we’d be in our new space sooner than this, it’s been a bit of a juggle with everything going on personally, but luckily we got a lot of this in motion a while ago. Our new location has been completely up fit from scratch and will include all of the details mentioned above, and, separately (we’re pretty excited about this) … a coffee shop! Because what photography studio is complete without a coffee shop? 😉


(A photo from when we were in the thick of construction – the open shooting space is not in the frame.)

But, for real – Coco Bean Coffee Shop will bring a specialty coffee cafe to a cool area in Chapel Hill that has retail and restaurants but currently, surprisingly, doesn’t have a coffee shop yet AND it will also tie directly into our work with Beautiful Together in Ethiopia. We will be opening it before the end of summer!



We’ve spent much of the last week or so bringing in/building desks, chairs, rebuilding equipment and setting up the look of the new space – lots to go still, including much more work on the coffee shop – but it feels great to finally be making this happen.

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