National Association of Professional Child Photographers

For those interested in children’s photography, you may want to check out a fabulous new resource, the National Association of Professional Child Photographers or NAPCP. This site was launched by one of our learnfest 08 alumni, Alice Park (and, wow, learnfest 09 starts less than one week from today!!). NAPCP has been a long time in the making, and I think that Alice and her husband really did a wonderful job putting this community together. It’s a professional organization designed as both a directory of qualified professionals for parents seeking a child photographer and also a specialized resource for pros (“like-minded, passionate artists”), complete with discussions forums, an educational component, image competitions and vendor discounts to members. I am honored to be one of 8 featured children’s photographers (“industry leaders” – woah – that sounds big) selected from this gorgeous international community, along with several good friends in the community, including Laura Novak and Lena Hyde, my co-learnfest peeps.

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