NAPCP Retreat

I will be heading out to Napa Valley, California later this June for the National Association of Professional Children’s Photographers Retreat. I was thrilled to be asked to deliver the Keynote Presentation for the retreat, which will be offering a few days of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation for portrait photographers who work really hard at what they do – not just in their photography careers but in the way they tie it all together with the rest of the lives. The entire retreat takes place at the The Meritage Resort & Spa in Napa, so no worries on roughing it 😉

If you’re all rested up and ready to get back to work, you can definitely look forward to rolling up your sleeves and getting very detailed about the multiple facets of portrait photography. Join me in my first ever in-studio Portrait Photographer’s Workshop this August 16, 2010. We have a pretty fantastic group of people already signed up – amazing to see people come in from all over the country and Canada for this one-day intense workshop on children’s photography, natural lighting, studio lighting & set up, post-processing and more more more… You can register here!

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