Nancy’s Bridal Session

Nancy was blessed with youthful great looks – I didn’t really think about what age she was when I met her, but her sister-in-law laughs about the first time she heard Nancy apologize for being late because she was in surgery … she was wondering what surgical procedure Nancy had to undergo, not realizing that Nancy was talking about being in a surgery….as the actual surgeon! I love this vintage bridal feel that she put together because it fits her so incredibly well, not only her personality and how she carries herself, but also a timeless expression that frequently flits across her face… (I think that’s the first time I’ve used the word “flit” on this blog)

Nancy and her mom brought in the bridal portrait from her mom’s wedding. Love the hat! We went for a similar feel:

So THIS is what those novels are talking about when they refer to dewy skin!

I’ll be posting some gorgeous images from Nancy’s & Bill’s wedding at The Prestonwood soon!

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