my work in O Magazine, Vogue & Elle!

A bridal portrait I photographed of the gorgeous Carrie Williamson was picked up for exclusive usage (with the blessings of Carrie, of course!) by a cosmetics company, and it’s been great fun to see them use this image as the sole core-message photograph in their national campaign. I’d seen it last month in Ladies Home Journal and Martha Stewart (I am really enjoying Martha Stewart nowadays 🙂 And then I saw that it appeared in Vogue Magazine and Elle Magazine this month, too. So that was quite cool. But as I was flipping through O Magazine last week, I kid you not, I actually had the active thought, “Y’know, I would love to see my work in O Magazine some day…” and I flipped the page to see the photograph I’d shot right there in front of me. I mean, I had the thought, and I turned the page, and I gasped. I actually uttered “wooooaahh…you have got to be kidding me” out loud. Like many people I know, I have believed in the power of intention & the strength of positive thought long before I knew it would one day be termed the law of attraction – but, even for a believer, that was darn fast turnaround 🙂

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