This Mother’s Day, Remember The Children Too

Every year in May, we take a day to honor our mothers. And, if we are mothers ourselves, we enjoy the singular attention from our children.

But, there are millions of children around the world who need a mother’s love. You can spread that special kind of love to orphaned children by donating to Beautiful Together today.

How You Can Spread the Love

Choose one or more of the projects below to make an immediate difference in a child’s life. One hundred percent of all donations give kids the food, clothing, shelter, and medical care they desperately need. Most importantly, your generosity lets them know that someone cares about them.

  • Feeding Fund – Beautiful Together works with Life to Live to provide real meals to children in Korah, Ethiopia, where so many search mountains of  trash to find something to eat.
  • Syria Child Fund – The war in Syria rages on in its seventh year and leaves behind thousands more motherless children. Beautiful Together works with Syrian Orphans Organization to meet immediate needs of children and to support local aid workers who care for them.
  • Liberation Fund – This project provides children with an advocate who can cut through red tape and paperwork to free them up to be adopted. Sometimes, an “unadoptable” kid can be free to find a family once someone can pay attention to the case and correct a simple clerical error.
  • Transformation  Fund– Beautiful Together works with Make Your Mark in Ethiopia to help youth get off the streets by giving them an opportunity to transform their lives.
  • General Fund – This is the best place to set up monthly recurring donations.


These orphans are living casualties of war, poverty, and health crises. They are left behind in their countries unable to move across borders to escape poverty and despair. UNICEF says there are more than 132 million children worldwide who have only one or no parent. In the U.S., however, fewer than 4,000 kids found a forever home in 2016. So, the need is immense and you can make a real difference.

We have so much to give of ourselves. And, helping orphan children is a natural response to their unnatural  circumstances.

Adoption statistics by country and state

Source: Statistics from the Bureau of Consular Affairs, U.S. Department of State, May 2017

Children and their families live in shelters made from scraps

View of makeshift homes atop a landfill in Korah, Ethiopia

Children waiting for families to adopt and love them forever

Children living in a landfill

A young boy takes a break from sifting garbage in search of food

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