Model Search! Call for Models: 3 Kids, One Couple & A Few Puppies

Model Search!

We are currently conducting a model search, seeking the following individuals for a series of upcoming commercial behind-the-scenes web shows for Nikon that we will be shooting in Durham, North Carolina: 1 6-8 year old boy or girl 1 4-8 year old girl or boy who either has a puppy, or young dog, or who loves animals 1 18 month – 36 month old girl or boy and 1 couple who is comfortable sharing honest emotion with each other in front of a small film crew nikonmodelsearch   This model search concludes Monday, November 11th and the shoots will take place during the day on Monday, November 18th and Tuesday, November 19th in Durham, North Carolina. Each model should expect to be on set for about 2-3 hours. There is no monetary compensation, but all models will receive professional photographs from the session, as well as the opportunity to appear in Nikon’s new behind-the-scenes web series. If you are submitting your child for consideration, please send a photograph of your child along with your child’s name, age, their disposition (shy, outgoing, prone to tantrums, cheesy smiler in front of camera -> we are interested in all personality types!), and your contact information to If you are submitting yourself (or a couple you know) for consideration, please send a photograph of you two, or the couple you know, along with a brief description of the relationship and your contact information to We look forward to hearing from you! **Update November 11, 2011: ¬†Thank you so much for the fantastic submissions for these spots – we were blown away by all the wonderful candidates! ¬†Unfortunately, here were only a few spots for models, and we are reaching out to those we selected in the next day or so. ¬† We are not accepting any more submissions for models for this shoot, but we are always on the lookout for great models for future series, videos, workshops, and more.  

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