Meredith & Sam

I got to photograph Meredith & Sam’s wedding in Charlotte, which was super cool because Sam, who was marrying Meredith, was also the brother of Rachel, who is my associate and friend at the studio. I also know most of Rachel’s (and, thusly, Sam’s) family as well as some key friends (whew, are you with me, still?) – so, all in all, the Fun Family Feel made for a particularly terrific wedding experience!! And this was a SWEET wedding. By that I mean, yes, they are seriously adorable people – but, also, Meredith is a serious dessert aficionado and loves sweets so much that they hosted a dessert-only dinner at their gorgeous reception. Yummy “entree” options included made-to-order dessert stations – like the bananas foster station – pecan squares, chocolate cake, sugary nibblets and chocolates and chocolate and chocolate. The rest of the event was a beautiful blend of whimsical touches, including a chocolate & gumball cake, butterflies floating around everywhere, soft butter yellow flowers here, there and everywhere – and a pom pom & bubble exit at the end, all orchestrated along with loving-this-wedding coordinator Ivy Robinson. Meredith & Sam’s wedding was also featured in the just-released inaugural issue of Charlotte Wedding Magazine…. (just to be clear, Meredith on left, magazine on right 😉

How cute are they??

I mentioned the sweets, yes? How about the lollipop straw? 🙂

A particularly bubblicious work of art by Gregory Bingham, at The Art of Cake.

This was absolutely hilarious – the goal was to have everyone blow a huge bubble from the cake’s bubble gum masterpiece. But not only could we not get everyone to blow a bubble at the same time, several bridesmaids managed to drop their gum – or accidentally shoot it out – just by the sheer effort of coordinating this one (apparently massively complicated) group bubble blowing shot. SO, when they weren’t laughing hysterically, they were simply failing miserably at bubble production … i love this 🙂 🙂 🙂

Sam’s sister Rachel (who, as listed in the intro, is also my good friend and associate 😉 was so hoping that Matt, her handsome and soldierly husband, would be back from Afghanistan by the wedding date – or would at least able to get a quick trip back for it. Alas, he could not, so the wedding party went outside to skype him in and say hi. And Rachel even scored a romantic dance with her beloved…

Grandmother Daniels – a North Carolina Legend.

Balloons and bubbles and the *sweetest* goodbye smiles (look at those dimples 🙂

Congratulations, Meredith & Sam!!!

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