Lucia & Brad

Lucia & Brad were married in Pinehurst, North Carolina – they had a sweet, very emotional ceremony followed by a gorgeous reception with little twinkly lights and candles burning everywhere throughout the Fair Barn at Pinehurst (bit of trivia: The Fair Barn is the oldest surviving early twentieth-century fair exhibition hall in North Carolina – pass it along :). Before the wedding day, I had some fun time with Lucia to create a bridal portrait (or two!)

On the actual day, we had sunshine everywhere, and the colors just popped. I met up with Lucia and her bridesmaids as they were finishing up their time at The Pinehurst Spa – they started out calm…

But then got a little giddy!

Lucia truly has a magical effect on not only Brad, but also on her family and friends. They love, love, love her and were so moved at seeing her dressed and ready to get married on her wedding day. I felt like every time I looked at someone looking at her (yes, especially Brad), they were just beaming with affection and admiration:

Gorgeous backlighting in this one….

At the Fair Barn, lovely lighting everywhere….

Congratulations, Lucia & Brad!!

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