Looking Back

It is said we should not look back too often, so as to avoid sinking too much of our todays in the events of our yesterdays. I even read a very recent post that broke that down more specifically, surmising that a healthy view of life is only 5% looking back, 25% looking forward, and 70% living in the NOW.  (You can read more of that philosophy here.) I love to read, research, and experiment on the topic of work/life balance, or lifestyle integration, quite regularly.  Like, um, daily. Teaching multiple courses and presentations on these work/life topics for the last few years now, this topic is a significant part of all the photography and entrepreneurial workshops I do, often in response to rather emotional requests. Many of us are doing a whole lot in our lives, and it takes some effort to keep one’s priorities clear – not to mention the effort that goes into aligning our actions to those priorities.  Luckily, as much as there is to putting all of one’s life together in a cohesive way … working, and living, in a “single-tasking” manner is certainly a big part of really getting started. And, not only does practicing a solid focus in the present make for a fuller life,  it seems that the more we actively consider our life here and now, the more we are able to experience and capture those elusive moments that actually happen HERE and NOW. Suggested statistics aside, though, I quite love this recent portrait I shot of mom looking back at her son. Definitely worth the glance back, in my opinion.   Tamara Lackey Family Photography

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