livi & jeremy

Livi & Jeremy were married at The Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill, surrounded by the exuberance of some high-energy friends & family… the girls were in great moods, getting ready for the happy, emotional ceremony that took place outside on a golden, sunny day – and the guys were a great combination of thoughtful, polite and, well, guy-ish 😉 Livi had such strong enthusiasm for her wedding, her groom, and all the festivities – she was truly a joy to photograph – and I love how Jeremy was ready to be anywhere Livi needed him to be. These two are a lovely couple, of course, but also truly great friends with each other, a friendship built over time and through some significant experiences together, and it really shows in how they genuinely they interact with each other. (A big thanks to Courtney, who photographed this wedding with me and got some beautiful images, too 🙂

These images were actually shot nearly at the same time – just in different rooms 🙂

Livi and her mom not only look alike, but share so many of the same mannerisms and expressions, not to mention such a sweet caring for each other.

Taking the elevator down to the ceremony (!!!)

Livi’s friends Carrie & Eddie, great friends of the studio after I photographed their wedding a few years ago – this photograph was taken before Carrie delivered her adorable baby, Cal, whose photographs I just shot (they will be on the blog soon)!

Manly Men 🙂

I think it’s hilarious how liberally guests will shower their friends 😉

Love the joy in this image 🙂 🙂 🙂

(And I just have to include a few of Livi’s bridal portraits)

Congratulations, Livi & Jeremy!!!

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