Lindsey & Nick

The Beautiful Ms. Lindsey & the Gorgeous Dr. Nick got married at Duke Chapel and celebrated their wedding at the Washington Duke Inn on a wonderful sunny day. They spent the day and evening with a plethora of great friends and family. They are both such smart, together people, the day went off without a hitch!

Getting ready – Lindsey looked so elegant, her bridesmaids were in full admiration mode 🙂

Thanks to Michael for this great shot of the men in action….

Going To The Chapel. I hear that song in my head at every wedding 🙂

I do love the little munchkins in their finery!

Very cool bridesmaid dresses…

The fathers sharing peace…..

Two of Lindsey’s cutest bridal party members are some of my favorite little subjects who I am really looking forward to shooting again – sweet Katie & adorable Ford 🙂

I like so much about this image…

This was shot at Duke Gardens. It was actually quite dark, but I was able to use a hint of additional light along with my 1.2….

Gorgeous Cake

Father & Daughter Dance

The best for last 🙂 Using lighting from the landscape strobes…

Congratulations, Lindsey & Nick!!!!

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