life is a (wrightsville) beach, pt. 1

I had a wonderful 4th of July week at Wrightsville Beach (did I mention that I’m finally catching up on the blog??!) – and it was fitting that I started my sessions with the Koehler family. I’ve had the great experience of photographing them several times throughout the years, and our very first session together was three years ago, at Wrightsville Beach! Back then, they were only a family of three, but they’ve expanded and only improved 🙂

The two brothers, in a nearly impossible moment of coordinated stillness and attention!!

One of my big favorites!!

Sweet, handsome Cameron. (once again, stay clear of my little girl. you are far too cute.)

Daddy has a very Serious Job, but he’s also in possession of some great goofy faces…

Their friends were at the beach, too – this is what I saw when I whirled around to see how they were making the Koehlers laugh!

Brother & Sister 🙂

I love super wide angle lenses and getting REALLY close… This is one of those moments where people feel the invasion of their personal space. I’m actually standing quite near them, but the lens allows me a lot more real estate than most people know!

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a…

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