Life at the Convention

I’m running a tad behind on posting right now because I’m in Tampa Bay, Florida for a photography convention. I’m actually surrounded by a great international collection of photographers who are meeting for a series of seminars about all things photography. I am one of the Speakers here, which is really quite an honor, especially with the talent among these 500+ photographers assembled (several of whom have been deemed “top 10” in the world). I deliver my seminar on Monday morning, and I probably couldn’t be more excited about it!! I’ve also had a wonderful chance to meet with some up & coming photographers who I had “mentoring” sessions with – I know that I learned a lot from others when I first started out, so it’s a nice full circle to give back in structured sessions like these. We’re not sleeping much, but we’re all learning a ton, and I’m really looking forward to bringing back some fantastic ideas to NC 🙂

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