learnfest almost sold out!

Over the last few weeks, I’ve received quite a few messages from photographers asking if I know when learnfest at Bald Head Island will sell out – my answer has always been the same, that I just didn’t know exactly. Well, happily, it looks like registration has been zooming along, and we’re getting close to selling out entirely. At this point, we have no plans for learnfest ’09. Not to say it might never happen, just that we’re only focusing on 2008 right now and just making no plans beyond that. Looking through the registration list of who is coming to the island with us, I’m so impressed with fantastic range of talent that is attending, near and very (very) far! As such, we will be breaking everyone down into four groups based on level of experience to be able to tailor instruction as best as possible to everyone. In summary…if you’ve been wanting to register, I’d suggest doing so now, as it looks quite likely that we will completely sell out *very* soon – and to keep the feel we’re excited about, we will not be adding any more spots. You can register and check out more detail at the learnfest website, but as a reminder…

The learnfest program was aptly named, built as a true learnfest for portrait photographers who are ready to take their business to the next creative and strategic level. Join Audrey Woulard, Tamara Lackey, Laura Novak and I for an all-inclusive 3-day/3-night learnfest that runs from September 23rd to September 25th at picturesque, unspoiled Bald Head Island, located off the coast of North Carolina. Experience in-depth instruction on shooting, post-production, marketing, business strategy, revenue generation, and studio and daily workflow. Redefine what success can mean in the portrait photography business. Interact in small groups of 15, meeting with each instructor throughout the course of 3 days as part of an overall program that is tailored to deliver a comprehensive leaning experience for the portrait photographer. Network with other photographers from around the world, in addition to the hosts, in an environment built to encourage sharing and connection. And offer yourself the opportunity to completely focus on improving your skills, your business, and your future in photography in an environment that fully encourages you to step away from the pace of every day work/life.

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