learnfest 08 – we have done what we have done …

…and we can do no more 🙂 We left the island pretty exhausted but so immensely pleased by the fantastic experience of learnfest at Bald Head Island. What a strikingly smart & talented collection of photographers!! In the end, I think learnfest was an exceptionally apt name, but we could have also gone with lovefest or learnfast. They would have worked, too. I will certainly have much more to post, as I am still digesting it all, but a few cute images of our gorgeous models (yay Katie Williams for partnering up with Jen to bring 5 beautiful children to the island 🙂 You all might remember some of these – from left to right was: shooting with optimal natural light shooting against backlights, focused on catchlights and fill lights managing wind & conditions (and then not, because it looks so much cooler)

To every participant at learnfest, you rock. Also, a follow through! At least several of you from each of the four groups asked me to send out this complete quote by Pablo Casals. This is straight from my presentation so please ignore software’s attempt to correct proper names… Just as reminder, this was his idea for how we could make the world worthy of its children. Because our schools are designed to teach our children math and geography but not as much the value and shocking beauty of who they are, his suggestion is to take each child in the world by the shoulders, look them in the eyes and say this:

One other thing that was so beautiful about that for me was not just to teach each child that they are so exceptionally important – but for them to truly know it is to also know that every other person is also a marvel. And how could one ever harm a marvel? — And on a significantly less powerful note, I have to say thanks to the talented Andrea Halsey for capturing these spot-on goofy images of me as I was oh-so professionally teaching how everyone to shoot, stay naturally silly and to use light modifiers at the same time…

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