last beach session at wrightsville! (aka pt. 7)

The Stone Family drove out to the coast just for these family photographs, and they had to get back on the road and drive several hours home afterwards. They showed up looking great – in combination of cute sundresses, denim, light tops. The girls’ hair looked great, complete with the perfectly coiffed bow. Luckily I started shooting right away, because….

THIS happened very fast. A beeline for the water and COMPLETE IMMERSION!

Mom and dad could not have been more easygoing about the change in plans.

Finally they just decided to join the chaos 🙂

The three girls in varying states of dryness.

We ended with everyone back on land. Not how we’d planned it, but like so much in life, it turned out even better! They told me afterwards that they stocked up on supplies at Wing’s and even managed to have a fun ride home, wet and in new t-shirts 🙂

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