kim & angelo

Kim and Angelo were referred to me by the always-stylish Ivy Robinson. They drove up from Charlotte for our engagement shoot, and we used the streets of Raleigh as our backdrop, doing nearly as much laughing as shooting… For such a tough guy (Angelo plays for the Buffalo Bills), he is so sweet & funny with Kim. These two have been together for years, and you can tell how much they mean to each other not just by how they look at each other but also by how well just they fit together.

We meandered past Mellow Mushroom and sat at the outside cafe…

THEN we noticed some enthusiastic onlookers – these gentlemen on the roof wanted to be sure to be captured, as well 🙂

This part of the shoot was actually a bit risky. We didn’t quite get how active this railroad was until we started heading down – before I’m contacted by the Federal Railroad Administration Office of Safety, I assure you I won’t do this again!!! (ish)

Such a cute series…

I’m really looking forward to all the swanky wedding festivities!!!

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