Join Me in San Francisco – FREE 3-Day Children’s Posing Guide Course

Free Children’s Posing Guide Workshop

Join me in San Francisco this July 10th, 11th and 12th for a FREE Children’s Posing Guide Workshop, to be broadcast worldwide on creativeLIVE! This class is NOT for you if you only photograph professional child models who respond to you exactly as you ask all the time – if, however, you’re like me and you photograph children who don’t really do posing but you know what shots you could get, this class is designed to show you how to walkthrough getting the images you want to capture.  Based on the wonderful feedback I’ve gotten about The Posing Playbook, we’ve decided to make it come to LIVE! free posing guide for children, photography workshop, Tamara Lackey, creativeLIVE, San Francisco You can check out all the details for the program here:     This will be quite a high-energy, free-spirited program. Although much of it is planned (like, a lot), there will be quite a bit left to the pure spontaneity of the subjects we’re photographing: the wild and beautiful creatures we call children ; ) To join me in San Francisco for this free Children’s Posing Guide workshop, just create a 60-secondish video on your phone, with your DSLR, on a flipcam, whatever you’ve got, and post that link to youtube, vimeo, facebook, etc. -> then twitter the link to the post to @creativeLIVE, along with the hashtag #TamaraLive. We’ll be checking out all the videos ASAP and choosing six audience members to join us for an amazing time together in the city. We’re choosing audience members by the end of the week – so, if you’re interested, get those videos in as soon as possible!  

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