issue 7

I offered to write a piece for Design Aglow’s Issue 7 not that long ago but with a little caveat – I wanted to interview my good friend Jerry Ghionis and write the article in the way that felt more like how I truly saw him. Design Aglow was on board, Jerry was on board … I had apparently brought the board – and I had a great time putting together the piece. For those photographers who are reading this, if you haven’t checked out either the Branching Out / Issue 7 from Design Aglow or Jerry’s Ice Society, you should take a look, tons of great stuff awaits!!

And a fun shot of me with Jerry and my even slightly better friend (sorry, Jerry, but you know it’s true), his wife Georgina. Sure, she’s gorgeous, fun, warm, friendly, and smart but … well, she’s all that, and I miss her (and her sister, Melissa Tirado!) already.

I hope the traveling workshops continue to go beautifully, and you guys find your way back to Australia safe & sound soon 🙂 🙂 🙂

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