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I am ridiculously excited about my upcoming 3-Day workshop, Health & Energy, which will be filmed in Seattle, and streamed live for free on creativeLIVE, on March 20th, 21st, and 22nd. This first course of our All In One Life Series is, in a word, MOTIVATING. I’d love for you to JOIN US, live and in person and for real, in the audience – check out these roughly 42 seconds that tell you how*: *don’t try to duplicate the thumbnail from this video at home; it’s too difficult to achieve such a freeze frame as this. Why attend?  Because you’ll get immersed for 3 days in nothing but this.  And because this Health & Energy stuff isn’t little. It’s actually the base of everything we do in life – how we feel, how we move, how we look, how we perceive ourselves each and every day. The entire point of the program isn’t just: to present some fascinating information and streamline it to you in an easy-to-follow, way digestible format (although we will!)… or to just show you the easiest ways to lose weight, eat well, keep fit and demystify questions about shopping and cooking and ease of FAST meal preparation (although we will!)… or give you fantastic ideas on how to fit in exercise in a way that’s not only impactful but also FUN and PLAYFUL and has immediate effects on your body (although omg we will!)… It is most significantly about removing the barriers you’ve had that have blocked you from maximizing your ongoing potential to feel great in your body, to love how you look, and to be more engaged in your own life on a day to day basis, which is the only way we ever live. And it’s about not only giving you motivation and inspiration – but giving you that motivation in a to-go format. A to-live kit. A okay-now-that-you’ve-got-this, please-take-this-and-keep-going forward with everything knowing now exactly HOW you’ve got this. We all get inspired to change our health; what we need is to consistently stay inspired. That’s part of why I’m so excited about this program. The other reason I’m so excited is because of who the guest instructors are.  There will be several amazing ones, and I can officially announce two of them now.  DRUM ROLL HERE Scott Jurek is quite well-known not only for his accomplishments but also because he has been studied and profiled in two very popular New York Times Bestsellers, Born To Run, by Christopher McDougall,  and The Four Hour Body, by Tim Ferris. He then went on to write his own New York Times’ Bestseller, just released last year, Eat And Run:  My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness.  It is a really, really good read. Highly recommended. Having known about his stunning achievements and philosophy for some time now, I am thrilled that Scott will be joining the program to talk about clean nutrition choices and exactly how he achieves world-record results on a pure, plant-based diet. A lot of people want to learn how to eat less meat without sacrificing delicious meals or feeling deprived. This is a fantastic way to learn how. I love this blurb from his book, how he loves to motivate everyone to “go the distance”, whether that means getting out for that first run, expanding your food horizons, or simply exploring the limits of your own potential. Plus, he’s friends with Cookie Monster, and we can all agree that that’s awesome. Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 11.26.48 AM Our second announced guest instructor is Steve Kamb, the Rebel Leader at Nerd  I asked Steve to join us after learning more about his Epic Quest of Awesome to live his life like a video game (he’s currently on Level 10). Some of his completed quests? Find Nemo while scuba-diving the Great Barrier Reef (Completed 3/29/11), Drive cross-country – (Completed 08/06/06), Be a guest speaker at Google (Completed 6/1/11), Pilot a stunt plane (Completed 2/26/11), Rock climb the cliffs of Thailand (Completed 5/6/11), Have my own clothing line (completed 9/24/11), Be a Guest Speaker at Facebook (completed 1/25/12), Climb the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France (completed 9/6/11) … and many more. Steve’s goal is to help you Level up your Life – and, if he does his job right, you’ll wake up every day a little healthier than you were yesterday – eat a little better, get a little stronger, run a little faster, and feel a little better about yourself.   He’ll be sharing some serious motivation with us about fitness, health and how even so-called nerds can make life happen BIG. This inspiring, in-love-with-life video gives you a good idea of what I mean (turn up your speakers): I will be be back with one more announcement about guest instructors as soon as we lock down the paperwork – but I can go ahead and say now that this course has been built with noble intention, and I’m proud to be hosting it. Remember, to JOIN US IN SEATTLE, you need only submit a brief video stating why you’re interested, post it anywhere (facebook, youtube, vimeo, etc.) and send it to @creativelive via twitter with the hashtag #tamaralive. You can feel free to @tamaralackey, too, but you don’t need to – We’ll see it. This 3-day Health & Energy program is the first in our All in One Life Series, where we dig deep into the major areas that we need to be able to not only manage but should be thriving in as we live day to day on this planet. Here are all the upcoming programs: Health & Energy an Relationships, Money, Home, and Time.  Check them out and register to watch for free. allin-final-green(1280)    

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