Happy Holidays 2015

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Happy Holidays 2015, Tamara Lackey, Mugsy, Tamara Lackey Photography

Shot with Nikon D3300, 18-55mm

My kids picked out the reindeer suit for our Mugsy. They said he’d love it. But – and I’m just taking a wild shot in the dark here – I’m thinking that maybe he doesn’t completely share their enthusiasm. I was so honored and touched by all of the responses to our Good News Post. I linked out to each and every story, video, post and news story. And I teared up about 15 times. GOOD tears, though. Redemption-type tears. So, being able to read that much goodness, sweetness, love and giving in a row was a gift. And I thank everyone who contributed to that post. Hearing all of your GOOD news reiterated to me that there really is positivity everywhere, and it is definitely worth the effort to seek it out. Keep an eye on my Facebook page for news about the winner, and I’ll definitely be doing some sharing of these stories on social media – so many good ones!! On that note, my family and I are wishing everyone a warm, comforting holiday season. Even little Mugsy here ; )

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