happiness is….

…admiring one of my favorite images of all time as a 28×38 custom canvas gallery wrap hanging in my home 🙂

This piece is particularly dear to me because it’s a photograph of my daughter at the beach when she was just 3 years old and still terrified of the ocean. After a week at the beach, I finally persuaded her to wade into the water – the big incentive was that she could come in with her “land clothes”. She was quite nervous at first but then became more interested in her new surroundings and her unique view from ocean. When she looked up to the sky in such a sweet and thoughtful manner, genuinely at peace with the feel of the ocean around her, I saw this expression and shot everything I saw, a moment forever etched in my mind – her fear dropping away, the wind in her hair, her eyes lit by the thinnest layer of clouds moving across the sky. I was even lucky enough to capture her reflection in the soft waves. I seriously love just about everything in this image. (And this child.) After going back and forth with different ideas, I finally found a way I wanted to present it, and this canvas wrap is now a joy for me to see in our home. I even find myself making excuses for why I have to walk past it…. A big thank you to the talented individuals at Simply Canvas for producing it exactly how I wanted 🙂

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