I join so many across the country and across the world in hoping that Gustav slows or redirects – or that at least as many people in New Orleans and other areas being affected can stay as safe as possible. In the course of this year, gearing up for Image X (a gathering that is just as much about revitalizing the fascinating city of New Orleans as bringing together photographers), I’ve become good friends with one of the key coordinators, who has decided to stay in the city and document the hurricane. I’d rather he leave with his family and stay safe, but if he’s choosing to stay, hopefully more people can send great thoughts and prayers down to everyone who is being hit by this new storm.

I also wanted to help spread the word that one of my favorite organizations, Save The Children, is distributing evacuation backpacks for children (with flashlights, safety whistles, etc.), as well as assisting thousands of childrens and families as they arrive at evacuation shelters. To find out more or to donate, see this page.

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