Goodbye Mr. Redfish

My friend Estes Shane Whalen released his second album recently, and I am not only impressed, I’m playing the CD over and over because Goodbye Mr. Redfish is just that good. I have several favorites, ranging from rowdy bar-playing fun songs to acoustic, harmonious beautiful melodies. Speaking of beautiful harmony, check out “I Do”. Quick Warning – if you play Women & Beer – first of all, I officially do not endorse any of those lyrics!!! – secondly, make sure that here are no children around within earshot when playing that song. (Or anyone who might be offended by playful banter that, shall we say, “borders”) But that song, specifically, seriously reminds me of my friend Shane, and all those evenings listening to him play late into the night at this party & that one when we were all in San Francisco together. And also watching him on the piano at our wedding reception with a crowd of our friends gathered around him, singing their hearts out… Wow, music has an amazing power to transport us. Thanks for making such a great CD, Shane, and for staying true to yourself and the music that you love.

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