Giving Party

Tomorrow evening I will be hosting a Giving Party at my house that was meticulously planned by Perri Kersch, Mary Beth Grealey and Neva Bartholomew. Planning has been underway for a while now for this fun endeavor. So, what is a Giving Party? Think Southern Living House Party meets Give Peace A Chance. Or something like that. I would’ve been a terrible pitch person for studio productions. Anyway, we will be showcasing some wonderful organizations, two local, one that is local & national and one that is international: Family Violence Prevention Center of Orange County Communities in Schools of Durham Donors Choose World Vision Representatives will be available from the organizations to discuss the amazing good they are doing, and donations and laptops will be available to give to these or other great organizations. It’s seriously amazing how many people are out there making such a wonderful difference in the world. The major point of the gathering is that we are hoping to inspire people to gift gifts to others on behalf of others who could use a little help! Perri had the brainstorm while watching Oprah & Bill (Clinton) discuss the concept of Giving. She actually invited both of them to the party, but my understanding is that they will not, in fact, be attending. Weird. Mary Beth has created some beautiful pre-printed cards to make it easy for guests to give, and then share their gifts with loved ones. She also was in charge of the fun Giving Logo (below)! Neva has been in charge of lots of things but has really positioned herself as one who is bizarrely into the concept of providing punch in a proper punch bowl. She was even ruminating about the white gloves she should wear when serving this spectacular punch. But to an even greater end, she has managed to work out a great deal with Chapel Hill Wine Company, who is giving us some super yummy wine at cost because of the goal of this party – thanks, Chapel Hill Wine Company! Oh – and Whole Foods is donating goodies, as well – THANKS. Check out the Giving Blog , for more details. And while you’re at it, take a browse through Perri’s fun neat freak blog!

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