Food Fight!

If you remember last year’s Chocolate Slip ‘n Slide Party, you might know there seems to be a preference for messiness when it comes to birthday celebrations. When a certain imaginative birthday girl requested a Food Fight party this year, I was a bit stumped. How to indulge her party plans (gotta encourage creativity) while also keeping the entire event ethically responsible and not waste perfectly good food (gotta teach that it’s a small, connected world with limited resources)? We did some brainstorming and decided that tossing a couple condiments would be okay. We’re pretty much talking spices and water. And marshmallows certainly don’t count as real food. (Wow, have you ever read the ingredient listing??) For chunkier items, we checked in with Whole Foods, who was kind enough to donate bags of all kinds of foods that were a bit too old for charitable donation – but not yet ready for composting. Perfect. More photographs to come but, per request, a bit of a glimpse …

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