Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (Behind The Scenes)

A huge thank you to Rex, the head honcho camera guy, what the heck is your actual title?, on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition for leading the tour around all the cool stuff while we were shooting when the show came to North Carolina a few weeks ago to film. (Rex and I are actually discussing plans for a very cool new project that I’ll be sharing more details about soon.) The actual show will be airing this week – so look for a lot of these scenes as they unfold on video. In the meantime, enjoy scenes from a massively cold and rainy and muddy and oh-so-cold long, fun, long day … (have to start out with these two cuties waiting for the limousine to pull up 🙂

I protected my camera every way I could, but I never quite gave in to this:

Was interesting to watch the team run out, run back, run out, run back – get quite a workout at each filming!

Ty and the Design Team…

Rex, nearly always with a smile…

And Rex’s son, hard at work (quite an operation they have going in those portable structures) and some sweet ones with he and his mommy, Susan Ballard (also a fabulous makeup artist)

Rachel grabbed this one of me, quite a balance to shoot from where the operators were shooting and not achieve a concussion from the camera cranes!

The gorgeous Rachel Garrison 🙂

The beautisimous Lisa Walter 🙂

And that one guy ….

And the silliness during filming is quite a lot of fun 🙂

Did I mention the rain & mud & cold?

From the show part of the show ….

See how far that line stretches back? We were all in a field in the pouring rain waiting for shuttles to pick us up, two at a time (or so it felt) 😉

And a couple outtakes – why do Rachel and Lisa look fabulous and I look like I froze 2 hours earlier?

Thanks, Rex & Susan for such special attention 🙂

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