Donnabeth & Barry

I first met Donnabeth & Barry nearly two years ago, when they bid on a gift certificate that I had donated to an auction for an excellent cause. I photographed the two of them with their immensely precocious son and struck up a great conversation with Donnabeth about a variety of topics, not least of which was the significant life transfer of Big City Corporate Woman to Mom in North Carolina. It’s interesting to love your life and love who you spend your time with but still not forget who you were and kinda still are.

Anyway, fast forward to a year later, they once again bid on and win the same auction, but this time Donnabeth wanted to focus a session on just her & Barry, to showcase the fact that they have been married for over a decade and are still not only very much in love but also best friends.

It’s fun to walk into their house because Barry is, like, The Man over at NBC (I think his actual title is more official-sounding), and they have a shelf full of Emmy’s, which is just a rare thing to see in most homes throughout North Carolina!!

One of their favorite rituals is to read the New York Times together over coffee… so of course we just had to capture them in the natural habitat 🙂

Their multi-talented son helped out with this image immensely by not only holding a reflecting object for some great evening out of the spotty afternoon light, but by also leaping into their field of vision intermittently to help me capture these great expressions…

The fantastic golden sunlight (diffused by some handy green leafy trees) brought out these striking highlights in Donnabeth’s hair…

And a very dramatic silhouette in their windowed doorway for our last image:

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