Dinner for 40 Orphan Children in India

OUR NEWEST PROJECT — Dinner for 40 at The Joy Home Orphanage in India

We created our Dinner for 40 Project to provide nutritious dinners to 40 children between the ages of 6 and 15 years old for the next four months. Dinner will include lentils, chapatti flour, oil, semolina, rice, vegetables, and fruit. We hope to do more over time, but we want to have an impact as soon as possible! Your contributions to this effort will go a long way to help support this orphanage. And, with your support, these children will know someone cares for them because none of these orphans can actually be adopted, due to current government restrictions.

An estimated 20 million orphans live in India alone. It’s a country that has the largest child population in the world. That is such a staggering number, 20 MILLION children. Many are homeless, living on the streets and resorting to begging for food. It is almost impossible to envision it. Orphaned children in India are in great need of care and protection, too, being susceptible to not just poverty and illness but also child labor and child trafficking. Even worse, current projections show that number to grow to 24 million orphans by 2021.

We are working to support The Joy Home Orphanage, located in a village called Madhapur, near Hyperdad. Their orphanage facilities include accommodation, food, schooling, healthcare, clothes, and an initial counseling session with children who are entering the orphanage. 100% of all donations to The Joy Home Orphanage go directly towards meeting the needs of these children.

You can make your tax deductible refund here: to help Beautiful Together provide dinner for 40 orphans in India

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