Digital Photo Pro – Spotlight on Beautiful Together

Digital Photo Pro Magazine – Spotlight on Beautiful Together

Tamara-Lackey-Photography-Digital-Photo-Pro-Jan-Feb-2016-Cover Recently, I was honored to be featured in the January-February 2016 issue of Digital Photo Pro Magazine, one of my favorite photography magazines that I pick up all the time when I’m at Barnes & Noble. (Like, all the time. I seriously just need to subscribe to it at this point). A big thank you to Tracey Clark who really wrote a beautiful piece after interviewing me.  The focus of the article is on photography, yes, but also on how you can use photography as a force for good in the world, something I find truly remarkable. I appreciate how she summarized my story in such an enjoyable way:

It didn’t take long for her to determine she had found her passion and she slowly built a photography business, “learning on the job,” as she says, for the next three years. She then gathered all of the things she had learned along the way and wrote her first book, The Art of Children’s Portrait Photography. Her mission was, she notes, “To put, all in one place, all the things that I felt I could have used in a book, things that might have helped me skip ahead a few years right at the beginning.”

Sharing valuable insights with those who might be just starting out in children’s portraiture seemed like a way to give back to the growing portrait photography community that helped her on her own journey.

Her most passionate work, though, is with the not-for-profit she started, Beautiful Together. More than anything else, this organization seems like the perfect culmination of all the things that matter most to Lackey and the focusing point of her resolve to use her photography to give back to the world.

You can subscribe to the digital version of this here – and you can click on each image below to read the full article. Tamara-Lackey-Photography-Digital-Photo-Pro-Jan-Feb-2016-spread-1 Tamara-Lackey-Photography-Digital-Photo-Pro-Jan-Feb-2016-spread-3Tamara-Lackey-Photography-Digital-Photo-Pro-Jan-Feb-2016-spread-2 Tamara-Lackey-Photography-Digital-Photo-Pro-Jan-Feb-2016-spread-4

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