It seems fitting that my first post is all about new beginnings. Just a few days ago I had the joy of photographing sweet Austin, Evan, and Liam, three of the most adorable baby boys, who also happen to be triplets. During my time with them, I was completely captivated by their newness: their soft skin, fine baby hair, teeny fingers and toes, delicate eye-lashes, sleepy faces, mmmm? I could go on and on. They were an absolute dream to photograph, and as I clicked away, my mind filled with awe, curiosity, and gratitude. It is amazing to look at each tiny bundle of new life and to wonder who he will grow to become and what he will bring to and teach the world. And so, without further adieu, I am thrilled to introduce Austin, Evan, and Liam, three peas in a pod.

Oh my goodness are they not the most precious things you have ever seen?

Liam was constantly stretching his little body, already working to grow big and tall.

I loved noticing the differences among them, their unique personalities and temperaments, but I was also intrigued by their similarities. There is something so special about three brothers experiencing the world together from day one.

And their parents, they may have their hands full, but oh my do they love their boys! These little ones are blessed to be part of a very special family. Their home is filled with so much love, and their mom and dad absolutely adore them. I must also say I was most impressed by the level of organization in their household; their mom is on top of everything. She seems to have taking care of three infants down to a science and handles everything with such grace. Thank you, Sarah and Brian, for inviting me to meet the newest members of your family.

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