Dane Sanders on the reDefine Show

reDefine Show with Dane Sanders

Dane Sanders, a portrait and wedding photographer, is our guest in this episode of reDefine. We discuss business consulting, publications, favorite camera gear, and advice on how to succeed by making great decisions, taking action, and Being “You”. Dane Sanders enjoys speaking with professionals about how to transform their creativity into a business. In this episode, Dane shares details about speaking publicly at large events, his successes with the publication of Fast Track Photographer, and his collaboration of a community of photographers who regularly meet, share, and support each other. Be you – figure out who you are first and build off of that. It’s ironic that the more I understand the parts of me I don’t like, and I make friends like that, how much more of me comes to the table that can be creative. ~ Dane Sanders Big Thanks to for their wonderful sponsorship of this program! You can see TONS more content by the other Adorama TV hosts, Joe McNally, Mark Wallace, Richard Harrington, Bryan Peterson, Joe DiMaggio, and Gavin Hoey by checking out the consistently-updated

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