Dana & Ty

I was lucky enough to photograph Dana & Ty’s lovely wedding in Atlantic Beach, a beautiful stretch along the North Carolina coast. We had a gorgeous day, as evidenced below 🙂 And Dana & Ty and their hilarious friends and so-loving family were ready to celebrate. You may remember Dana from her adorable bridal portrait session a few months ago – she is such a sweet, funny, high-energy and emotional person, and that combination of human photographs gorgeously. She and Ty were so affectionate and loving – the whole event was just a blast and beautifully done. The wedding was on the large patio of The Coral Bay Club, and the cocktail hour, reception and lounge area were spread around the inside & outside of the beautifully designed club. Ty personally managed the lovely lighting, and he really did a great job. Ty and his family are also closely tied in with Pepsi, as they manage all bottling for, like the world (probably not right, but what the heck), so Pepsi had a big part in the wedding. And, honestly, I’m not normally a big soda drinker but I was craving it for weeks afterwards. Seriously. Talk about smart marketing!! This also marks one of the very few weddings where I got a shout-out during the toasts – how cool is that???

Thank you both for being so fun to spend the day with and so sweet & appreciative. Congratulations on a wonderful life together!!

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