Consider Donating to Children Waiting for Families This Holiday Season

With the holidays here, many of us turn our thoughts to giving to those less fortunate.  We’d love for you to consider joining us in donating to Beautiful Together.  Most people think of family when they think of the holidays.  But for children waiting for families, the holidays are a little different. 

Beautiful Together works hard to make children waiting for families have a better life.  From improving living conditions in orphanages to feeding funds and disaster relief to building safe showers for homeless youth, Beautiful Together has completed many projects and has many great ongoing projects as well. For example, multiple projects to renovate the bathrooms, light up and fix donated learning tools in the classrooms, and safeguard the play area of an orphanage in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia were completed to greatly improve the lives of the children living there. In Korah, one of the poorest places in Ethiopia, Beautiful Together set up a feeding kitchen for the orphan children there. And when the village had a massive landslide from the trash dump they live off of, a Disaster Relief Center was set up to help those who lost their homes and families. To read more about Beautiful Together’s many other incredibly meaningful projects in Africa and the US, check out their projects page.

In the spirit of the holidays, Beautiful Together’s current major project is to fund continuing the Orphan Prevention Care Center, which works to keep families together. The pervasive, extreme poverty in Ethiopia is at the epicenter of far too many painful experiences: hunger, homelessness, social ostracism, illness, and even death. It is also a major factor behind the reality that millions of children are orphans in Ethiopia. Far too many parents simply cannot afford to house, clothe and feed their children. And since they cannot ensure that they will be healthy, safe, and happy – something every parent wants for the child they love – they make the heartbreaking choice to send their babies to stay with others, or to live in an orphanage – or even to try to survive the harsh conditions on the streets.

Earlier this year, Beautiful Together established an Orphan Prevention Care Center for a specific community of impoverished mothers and babies who are currently at risk for a similar fate. The Care Center not only established a day care program but also provided comprehensive and radically life-changing benefits for mothers as well. To learn more and donate to the cause, please check out the Beautiful Together project page.

We hope you’ll consider Beautiful Together when making your holiday donations this year.  100% of all donations go directly to supporting the projects as it is a 100% volunteer organization. So every penny counts!

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